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In the June 2009 AUCTIONEER mag published by means of the National Auctioneers Association (NAA), I read an article entitled, “A Rare Occupation.” It talks about how auctioneers are few and far between.

Author and fellow auctioneer Robert Doyle silent auction donation performed some research on the InfoUSA Website to examine the numbers of full-time auctioneers inside the United States to different professions. The statistics mentioned are exciting:

Auctioneers: 10,034 (Incidentally, the NAA estimates that 7% of all auctioneers are lady.)
Funeral Directors: 23,648
Painters: 43,178
Plumbers: 60,767
Real Estate Agents: 212,110
Attorneys: 302,603
Why so few auctioneers? Rob had his mind as to why auctioneers are few and a long way among, but I actually have some of my personal ideas.

1. For some, it is too steeply-priced to get commenced.

Often humans do not understand the fee of launching the enterprise till they communicate with an auctioneer. Only then do they examine that the auctioneer attended public sale school (normally out-of-kingdom), surpassed state exams, and secured bonds earlier than securing an public sale license. Some feel the overall cost and time away from work and domestic is prohibitive.

2. There is a high failure price.

It’s usually regular that the failure price for auctioneers is ninety five%; simplest five% of public sale school graduates are still running in the profession five years later. No doubt the general public study the bid calling part of the work and locate it thrilling. What they don’t recognise is the quantity of labor required to get installed, book jobs, and paintings consistently. Once they do, they reconsider the career.

3. The auctioneer is continuously being judged with the aid of private conduct and public sale results.

If an accountant prepares a horrific tax go back, the only those who realize are the accountant, the client, and a consultant from the IRS. But if an auctioneer fails to keep his or her professionalism on the stage, a crowd of two hundred, 500, or a thousand+ have simply witnessed the terrible behavior. Like an actor, an auctioneer is simplest as appropriate as his or her ultimate overall performance.

4. New auctioneers have a hard time getting installed because few humans want to entrust the sale in their personal property to someone who has little revel in.

Regardless of the object — a $2 million home or a $5000 vacation package deal — maximum clients are worried earlier than an public sale. They are not certain how the occasion will turn out, and that they need it to move nicely.

One auctioneer might often work in the front of crowds of two hundred human beings. If a prospective consumer expects to have one thousand people at their event, the organization has a valid subject as to whether or not the auctioneer can adapt to the larger audience. Some auctioneers will locate the bigger crowd nerve-wracking. They might not be capable of adjust effortlessly, and it can have an effect on sales.

Organizations may not ebook an auctioneer honestly because the auctioneer lacks enjoy working with a particular crowd length, specific varieties of items, or perceived regional differences.

Five. The erratic pay structure leaves some human beings uneasy.

Many auctioneers are paid on fee. If a sale goes badly, the auctioneer will now not make as plenty cash. On a similar vein, some forms of auctions, which includes many gain auctions or maybe purebred cattle sales, are seasonal. An auctioneer is probably busy one season, but have no auctions (and no earnings!) the next. Some human beings locate it tough to stay with this inconsistency.